The tasks performed by the PPC expert in a digital marketing campaign.


The Pay-per-click is often termed as PPC by the digital marketing experts. PPC is a faster method to attract traffic to a website as compared to the organic tools like SEO. PPC can be used in the marketing of brands, products and services.

PPC techniques allow the ads to reach the targeted audience from the instant it gets approved, but that is not the only purpose of the PPC. A PPC is also used to measure the success of the internet marketing campaign and the cost-effectiveness of it.

At the entry level, the PPC industry requires a basic understanding of how the PPC campaigns work is needed. How the different digital marketing techniques are used in the campaign and where PPC fits. However, to become a PPC expert and excel in it, learners need to keep themselves updated with the latest technology.

They know about the platforms used to carry out the campaign like Google ads and Bing Ads. It is also crucial that the expert understands these platforms to handle the PPC campaigns efficiently and maximum revenue is extracted from them. Business owners prefer to hire experts who have completed their Google certifications.

It is vital that a PPC expert understands how the digital marketing ecosystem works. If an expert can keep themselves updated with latest happenings in this field. They should have an idea about how to handle the challenging situations so that success is achieved in the digital marketing campaign.

A significant way to ensure the success of a PPC campaign is to take the services of an AdWords consultant. The essential tasks performed by an AdWords consultant is as follows-

  • A decreased monthly cost while maintaining the click volume.
  • Reduced CPC and increased impressions.
  • Increased click-through rate.

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How a PPC Expert Brings More ROI for Online Business?

The primary goal of every business is to gain profit. It is achievable when you are reaching to potential audience and selling your products. The newfound platform for selling products or services is the internet. Users in digital marketing space are increasing at an exponential rate creating a perfect platform for businesses to promote and get the desired ROI.digiguru-ratanjha

There are many marketing channels which can be utilised in promoting your brands in the market. But, paid advertising is one of the most popular one used extensively across the globe.

Pay Per Click is a form of advertising in which advertisers need to pay money for each click in the ad. Paid advertising is a costly affair, but it can bring potential customers right to your website for conversion. The visitors have qualified intention of buying your products and land into your ad campaigns after typing in the search box.

Maximising your profit from paid advertising is not possible unless your ads rank in the top and possess features look by customers. A PPC expert can help you in optimising ad campaign to beget optimal ad position and get more visibility. Right from the setting to the management of campaigns, an expert can offer specialised services to customers. Optimising the campaign to the international standards helps in increasing CTR, quality score and ROI. It is helpful in reaching the maximum audience and gets the desired sales of your products.

The cost of hiring an expert is high. Hence, some of the business owners love to manage the advertising campaign themselves to save money. However, it is advisable to do so if you are experienced and skilled enough in this field.

Consult with an AdWords consultant to get guidance and help in setting the optimisation of the ad campaign to generate high ROI for your business. You will get guidance on increasing CTR, lower CPC and increase the ROI of your marketing.

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Why is AdWords becoming more vital with each passing day?


PPC or Pay Per Click is an exclusive method of Search engine marketing to attract traffic through inorganic or paid advertising. Commonly used with search engines like Google and Microsoft, the search engines use PPC ads in their search results.

Search engine advertisers bid on keywords which get used more often by the users while performing a search while content sites commonly charge a fixed amount for a click. The PPC display ads are also known as the banner ads gets shown on the websites with related content. There are websites as well which show PPC ads and these ads are displayed when the keyword query matches the list of keywords.

The management of PPC services is one of the most effective forms of Search engine marketing used to achieve high-quality traffic on a site. A PPC expert is needed to make a PPC campaign successful as they know the tactics and latest tricks involved in handling PPC campaigns. The potential of PPC is vast in comparison to the SEO or Search engine optimisation, and corporate sector is using PPC campaigns to attract more users rather than SEO.

An expert who works towards making the PPC campaign successful is known as the AdWords consultant. Their PPC management can impact the campaign in the following ways-

  • Decreased monthly cost while the click volume gets maintained.
  • Reduced CPC and increased impressions.
  • Increasing the click-through rate through ad-text optimisation.

An essential responsibility of AdWords consultant is to manage the AdWords account. This account allows the organisations without having the expertise to reach the global audience.

A combination of AdWords consultant and Search marketing professionals ensure that your campaign is in right hands and delivers the desired results.

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Top Benefits to Hire a PPC Expert for Paid Advertising

The Pay Per Click advertising is a popular form of advertising in online marketing. It enables businesses to garner qualified leads and sales from online sources, quickly. Soon after setting your advertising campaigns, it will start ranking at the top and bring desired traffic. Succeeding in the PPC advertising is a hard nut to crack. It requires proper management and optimisation from the starting to achieve the end goal.about-us

The best way to get success in the paid advertising is hiring a PPC expert to manage ads right from the beginning. You need experience and expertise in creating campaign relevant to your products and services. The keywords should be selected based on the search volume and performance. Targeting can be made based on the potential customers in the campaign.

An expert can guide and offer the best optimisation using the analytic to reach the targeted audience. It is useful in optimising the campaign based on the end goal, geolocation, and user virtual personas. To get an appropriate result, an expert can provide the right help to you.

Giving your campaign to experts for management need money. If you don’t want to spend money on the services of experts, you can manage the campaign yourself. However, it is not advisable to maintain the campaign yourself unless you have experience and expertise in this field.

Consulting with an AdWords consultant is the first step towards successful management. As every click on the ad campaign costs money, proper management is important. You will get guidance and help in making the campaign relevant to avoid unnecessary clicks.

Guidance on optimising the campaign helps in improving the quality score which ranks your ads higher in the search result. It improves your click-through-rate bringing potential customers directly to your website. Getting qualified leads help in increasing your conversion and ROI of your business. The experienced experts can help in optimising your website based on the end goal of business.

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How an AdWords consultant makes sure that your business flourish?


The increasing use of Internet marketing to create awareness about products have led to companies using different techniques of Search engine marketing. Search engine marketing in itself is a vast field which involves the use of methods like Pay-Per-Click, Cost per impression and Search engine optimisation.

The acceptance of Search engine marketing or SEM gets measured with the fact that in 2007 US advertisers spent $24.6 billion on search engine advertising. Google is the leader in global search engine market with a market share of 89%. A technique employed by tier-1 search engines to attract more traffic to websites is PPC or Pay-Per-Click.

PPC “display” ads or banner ads are shown on websites with related content that have agreed to show ads but are not pay-per-click advertising. The social networks such as Facebook and Twitter have adapted themselves and are using PPC ads as marketing tools.

Organisations hire PPC experts to carry out the PPC campaign successfully, and with the help of cost per impression and cost per click, they can assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of campaign. Thus, clicks in a way act as a means to measure interest.

The cost involved in PPC campaign is calculated by dividing the advertising cost by the number of clicks generated by an advertisement. The cost per click is variable and dependent on the model of PPC which gets followed.

An essential part of a PPC advertising campaign is the AdWords consultant. They help organisations in the management of PPC campaign. Some of the benefits which are associated with the AdWords consultant include- decreased monthly cost while maintaining click volume, reduced CPC and increased impressions and increased click-through rate.

Ratan Jha is a Google certified AdWords professional and a top contributor to the AdWords community. He helps businesses to carry out successful PPC campaign and increase their visibility among potential customers. For more information contact

How an AdWords consultant maximise your profits


The method used to appeal to your Internet audience with the help of techniques like E-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and AdWords are called Internet marketing. As with the other methods of marketing, online marketing also involves a publisher and an advertiser.

The popularity of Internet marketing is always going up. In 2011, the revenues of Internet advertising surpassed those of cable televisions and matched broadcast television.

A method of Internet marketing which can provide growth at a fast rate is PPC or Pay Per Click. The advertisers pay for traffic which they get on their website. However, the cost of the campaign gets covered easily with the profit which it generates. As the price is clicked dependent on a PPC campaign, business owners prefer to hire a PPC expert to look after their campaign.

A PPC expert knows about the latest trends involved in PPC techniques. They form ads after studying the competition and understanding the source of sales. In PPC, the cost of a click gets decided through bidding. The higher the bidding amount, the higher the placement of the ad in the search results.

Organisations taking the help of a PPC expert also hire an AdWords consultant to ensure the success of a campaign. The task performed by a PPC expert involves keyword research, text-Ad optimization, geo-targeting, campaign level reporting and bid management of the AdWords.

The economic benefits of an AdWords consultant involve decreased monthly cost, cut in the total spend by 33% while the volume of clicks is maintained and reduction in CPC up to 25%.

Together with the help of an AdWords consultant and a PPC expert, the campaign becomes successful.

The business owners who are looking to hire a PPC expert and AdWords consultant for their business should contact Ratan Jha. He is an expert based in Delhi with certification in Google AdWords.

Why hiring an AdWords consultant for PPC campaigns a great plan?


A popular form of Internet marketing which generates traffic on your website quickly is PPC. If an organisation needs fast growth online, then PPC proves to be a great tool. The PPC expert helps in delivering targeted traffic through the help of their Ads.

The cost which is involved in a PPC campaign is dependent on the clicks. The advertisers only have to pay for the traffic which they are getting on their websites. Thus, it is also a way of knowing the interest which your Internet marketing campaign generates and cost-effectiveness.

A simple formula which gets used in PPC-

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) / Ads clicked (#)

Pay Per Click services gets used in most of the tier-1 search engines like Google and Bing. The process involves advertisers bidding on the keywords to get displayed in the search results. As PPC campaign involves serious money, advertisers prefer to hire an AdWords consultant.

The task of an AdWords consultant is to improve the PPC advertising campaign. Some of the important accomplishments which AdWords consultant helps advertisers achieve include- Decreasing the cost of the campaign while maintaining the click volume, increasing the click-through rate by optimisation of text and increasing the overall average quality score.

An AdWords consultant thus assures the advertisers that the PPC campaign will be a success through techniques like Geo-targeting and AdWords account restructure. They find ways to bridge the gap between the current sales and goals.

As the clicks on your campaign will increase after optimisation of website, the targeted traffic will be attracted, and that will result in more sales.

The business owners who are looking to succeed in the PPC advertising should hire experienced experts. It helps in reaching to the right audience and generate sales for your business. Talk to our experts for professional services today.