Top Institute in Delhi to Learn Pay Per Click Advertising


Diverse career options are coming up in the online marketing industry for aspirants. The rapid embracing of online marketing by companies has led to rising in job opportunities in different roles and capacities.

Search engine marketing has been divided into two main categories: organic promotion and paid advertising. Though both the channels are equally valid and useful, yet the popularity of paid advertising is surpassing the others. The paid advertising is one of the quickest ways of promotion and generates qualified leads for online businesses. That is why there is a significant rise in the demand for PPC experts in the industry now.

Are you planning to start a career in paid advertising?

If yes, you have decided to be a part of the growing industry with high possibilities.

The strategies and methods used in the search marketing become obsolete quickly. New ideas and strategies keep pouring in from the experts and search giants. Hence, it is essential for the aspirant to keep gathering new knowledge and practical skills to be in the industry.

The PPC training in Delhi is one of the most popular options for students willing to start a career in this field. The training is offered by qualified faculties on live projects to develop skills and expertise in this field. The certificate course is helpful for any aspirants to get industry-relevant professional skills to be eligible for the market.

The course will hone skills of aspirants to set and management of ad campaign. Right from selection of keywords to writing a compelling ad copy, everything will be taught in the classroom to increase the quality score. The ads with a good quality score get top ranking while paying for each click from the visitors. Enrol in the SEM training in Delhi to acquire expertise in search marketing to be a successful professional. Upon completion, the students get a certificate and enjoy high employment opportunities in the niche industry.

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How an AdWords consultant maximise your profits


The method used to appeal to your Internet audience with the help of techniques like E-mail marketing, Search Engine Optimisation, PPC and AdWords are called Internet marketing. As with the other methods of marketing, online marketing also involves a publisher and an advertiser.

The popularity of Internet marketing is always going up. In 2011, the revenues of Internet advertising surpassed those of cable televisions and matched broadcast television.

A method of Internet marketing which can provide growth at a fast rate is PPC or Pay Per Click. The advertisers pay for traffic which they get on their website. However, the cost of the campaign gets covered easily with the profit which it generates. As the price is clicked dependent on a PPC campaign, business owners prefer to hire a PPC expert to look after their campaign.

A PPC expert knows about the latest trends involved in PPC techniques. They form ads after studying the competition and understanding the source of sales. In PPC, the cost of a click gets decided through bidding. The higher the bidding amount, the higher the placement of the ad in the search results.

Organisations taking the help of a PPC expert also hire an AdWords consultant to ensure the success of a campaign. The task performed by a PPC expert involves keyword research, text-Ad optimization, geo-targeting, campaign level reporting and bid management of the AdWords.

The economic benefits of an AdWords consultant involve decreased monthly cost, cut in the total spend by 33% while the volume of clicks is maintained and reduction in CPC up to 25%.

Together with the help of an AdWords consultant and a PPC expert, the campaign becomes successful.

The business owners who are looking to hire a PPC expert and AdWords consultant for their business should contact Ratan Jha. He is an expert based in Delhi with certification in Google AdWords.

Why hiring an AdWords consultant for PPC campaigns a great plan?


A popular form of Internet marketing which generates traffic on your website quickly is PPC. If an organisation needs fast growth online, then PPC proves to be a great tool. The PPC expert helps in delivering targeted traffic through the help of their Ads.

The cost which is involved in a PPC campaign is dependent on the clicks. The advertisers only have to pay for the traffic which they are getting on their websites. Thus, it is also a way of knowing the interest which your Internet marketing campaign generates and cost-effectiveness.

A simple formula which gets used in PPC-

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) / Ads clicked (#)

Pay Per Click services gets used in most of the tier-1 search engines like Google and Bing. The process involves advertisers bidding on the keywords to get displayed in the search results. As PPC campaign involves serious money, advertisers prefer to hire an AdWords consultant.

The task of an AdWords consultant is to improve the PPC advertising campaign. Some of the important accomplishments which AdWords consultant helps advertisers achieve include- Decreasing the cost of the campaign while maintaining the click volume, increasing the click-through rate by optimisation of text and increasing the overall average quality score.

An AdWords consultant thus assures the advertisers that the PPC campaign will be a success through techniques like Geo-targeting and AdWords account restructure. They find ways to bridge the gap between the current sales and goals.

As the clicks on your campaign will increase after optimisation of website, the targeted traffic will be attracted, and that will result in more sales.

The business owners who are looking to succeed in the PPC advertising should hire experienced experts. It helps in reaching to the right audience and generate sales for your business. Talk to our experts for professional services today.

Why is SEM training crucial for future internet marketing experts?

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

Internet marketing or digital marketing is the marketing of products with the help of digital technologies. This marketing gets done mainly on the Internet but also includes display advertising or any other digital medium. So, the question arrives, what is the need for digital marketing?

Brands are becoming more and more inclined towards internet marketing as the users of the Internet are growing at an unmatched rate. Since the 1990s, companies started opting to sell their product on an online platform and thus attracting the untapped internet audience.

Internet marketing involves different techniques such as Search Engine Marketing, Content Marketing and Campaign marketing. SEM training in Delhi focuses on training students for the challenges involved in the SEM or Search Engine Marketing which is a crucial part of Internet marketing.

The SEM involves the promotion of a website by increasing its visibility in the search result of web pages with the help of paid advertising. SEM can also include Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) which involves adjusting or rewriting the content of the website to rank it higher in the search results. The rate of growth shown by SEM is exceptional, and it has overtaken the conventional forms of marketing.

Another mode of Internet advertising which attracts high traffic and famous among advertisers is the PPC or Pay Per Click. It involves advertisers bidding on keyword phrases which are relevant to the target market for advertisements on the search engines. For content websites, advertisers must pay a fixed amount.

The purpose of PPC is to measure the effectiveness and profitability of the campaign. Clicks are used to measure the interest which the internet marketing is gaining for any organisation and is the preferred matric.

The students who want to learn all the trades of SEM and PPC training in Delhi can enroll in the institute. They help students become a Google certified professional and thus help them in landing the dream job.

How PPC expert and AdWords consultant vital for any online growth?


digiguru-ratanjhaPPC and SEO are the two of the most important techniques of online marketing. Organisations are increasingly turning towards these methods to ensure more profit online. The PPC experts perform the task of delivering targeted traffic through the help of Ads.

Search Engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC or Pay Per Click. The process involves advertisers to bid for an ad placement in a search engine sponsored links when search related to the keyword gets done.

The cost involved in the campaign depends on the number of clicks it generates. The more the number of clicks, the higher the overall value of the campaign becomes. However, the profit which is associated overshadows the cost of the campaign. The potential associated with any PPC campaign is massive, but it involves an expert to run a successful campaign.

PPC expert must do research on keywords, form ads after studying the competition, tracking the source of the sales, have a good understanding of the terminology of the PPC campaign, improve conversions by improving the landing page and keep up with the latest trends in the world of online marketing.

This was about the responsibilities of a PPC expert, but there is another cog in the wheel of online advertisement. That role is an AdWords consultant. An AdWords consultant works towards improving the PPC Advertising campaigns.

Some of the crucial roles of an AdWords consultant involves keyword research, text ad optimisation, geo-targeting, campaign level reporting and bid management of the AdWords.

Through an AdWords consultant, you get the assurance that your campaign is in right hands. The chances of success also become high through the combination of hands-on account work by AdWords consultant and an experienced PPC expert.

Visit is an AdWords consultant and PPC expert based in Delhi. He is a Google AdWords, and Google Analytics certified professional who helps business and startups to formulate and implement their marketing campaigns.


Where to get the ideal training for SEM and PPC in Delhi


Internet marketing is an essential part of any business which deals online. An important technique used in Internet marketing is the PPC or Pay Per Click. PPC is a model of Internet marketing which involves the advertisers pay an amount for each time their ad gets clicked. In slightly simpler terms, it is a process of buying clicks to your site rather than earning it with organic methods.

The search engine advertising is the most popular form of PPC. This procedure involves advertisers to bid for an ad placement in a search engine’s sponsored links. If a search related to the advertiser’s business or products gets done, then their ad might show on the top of search results.

The cost involved in the PPC gets decided through the number of clicks it attracts, but when the profit through these clicks is considered, the fee paid to the PPC company becomes insignificant. We can take an example of an organisation who invests $1 on a single click, but that click allows the organisation to earn a profit which is 100 times of that. Thus, making a significant financial gain by investing very little.

When it comes to PPC training in India, Delhi is a city which is slowly gaining the reputation of a hub of PPC companies. PPC training in Delhi is highly sought after right now. Students from across India come here to learn techniques of PPC.

Through this training, the students will learn to manage Pay Per Click ads like Google AdWords and for social media like Twitter and Facebook. The trainees are also taught to optimise the campaign, selection of keywords, tracking and other aspects of the ads. This training prepares students to work on the actual projects.

PPC gets covered in the SEM training course that includes today’s best practices and strategies to improve performance in search engine result pages. In SEM training students are taught to optimise the customer’s website and thus outperform the competition. The prime objective of this training is to explain how to align digital marketing strategy with search engine marketing techniques and thus accomplishing business goals.

The students looking to start SEM training in Delhi should visit It is an institute which specialises in Search Engine Management and prepares the students to work on it. The aim to provide practical approach and expertise to be able to have a career which students dream.


How an PPC expert can help your organisation grow swiftly?


The dependence of business on marketing and advertisement can’t get emphasised enough. It also means the need of new professionals to help a business. As organisation look to promote their business online, they need reliable professionals who can help the company grow.

Paid advertising is one of the most important forms of marketing that companies are using these days. However, succeeding in the paid advertising is not possible unless you know tricks and strategies.

Are you facing loss in paid advertising?

If yes, consult with an experienced and skilled AdWords consultant. It is an expert who helps advertisers create strategies to return to profiting ways. Starting from the creation of landing page, ad copy, and proper optimisation of the campaigns, the consultant can provide help in everything. However, it is essential to consult with an experienced one to avoid facing the losses in your advertising budget.

Before hiring an AdWords expert, proper research should get done, and consultation with your friends and colleagues is a must. You can also ask the expert about the past clients and then look for reviews in public forums.

Another essential process involved with online marketing is the hiring of a PPC expert. PPC or Pay Per Click is the process of displaying ads on the search engine result page. The process of PPC is faster than other methods of generating traffic like SEO despite being cost-effective. The traffic generated through PPC has high chances of being the targeted audience.

The cost of a PPC campaign to the company depends on the clicks it generates, and thus it becomes vital that the expert you hire has prior experience of carrying out successful campaigns. An expert will choose the right keywords to help you in the online business.

They will find a suitable ad copy, do research on the client’s competition and then make ads using their experience. An experienced PPC expert will also see the right time and the perfect geographical location to target for your ad.

The organisations looking to increase their online visibility and to grow in stature can contact Ratan Jha. He is an AdWords and PPC expert based in Delhi who is also Google AdWords certified. The industry or product you sell doesn’t matter; he will help in increasing your sales significantly.