Why is PPC Expert an Incredible Career Option for You?


Are you looking for an incredible career with excellent job opportunities?

If yes, in this blog you will know an incredible career option that is growing across the globe. It is a career in search engine marketing.

The web has become a potential marketplace for any business. More than half of the world’s population goes online to search and buy products. It shows the magnitude of business potential for any company creating a digital marketing presence.

Any business can use numerous methods and strategies to reap better profits and traffic on the website. The search engine marketing methods evolve continuously to make present ones outdated and ineffective.

Most importantly, businesses need skilled professionals to provide management and services to achieve success in the marketing. Every company need a search engine marketing expert to take care of the campaign and deliver success. It has significantly increased the demand and popularity of the experts in the industry.

For a student willing to work in a challenging environment, the SEM training in Delhi is a vital step. The course is designed for the beginner ready to start a career in this field. You will get knowledge of the fundamental principles and practical skills in the classroom training.

At the outset of the PPC course, the students need to work on live projects to work and develop expertise. Rigorous practice on the project imparts skills and knowledge necessary to be successful in the chosen profession. You will learn to set an account optimising the technical requirements. Becoming an adept PPC expert need practice and experience in handling projects.

PPC ads need an ongoing customisation for the advertisers. You will need to offer ad optimisation, customisation, refining and testing of a campaign to achieve your end goal. Hence, students must learn these paid advertising tactics in the PPC training in Delhi.

PPC is one of the most used advertising models on the web now. It is useful and has the potential to bring customers quickly. But, companies need professionals to take care of their campaign for maximum benefits.

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Learn SEM and become an in-demand professional


The business landscape has changed drastically in the last decade with the rise of online marketing. The difficulty has increased multifold then what it used to be, and competition is at an all-time high. It is now required that sellers keep in mind the demands of the customers and make changes to their business model accordingly.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the most crucial technique in Internet advertisement. You can see different search engines like Google and Bing have their methods to generate search listings. Link building, website design, and relevant content through keyword research are part of these methods.

To get a better understanding and becoming proficient in search marketing, SEM training in Delhi is taken. This training teaches future online marketers about making their site ideal for search engines. If a website is at the top of search results, this implies that the optimisation is done correctly, and it will mean an increased volume of traffic on site.

The primary reason why SEM training is so necessary is that of how search engines work. It is crucial that business remains on the right path. The search engines collect the relevant sites and web pages for keywords.

The benefits of SEM are further explained below-

  • Transparency- The SEM allows advertisers to measure the conversions right to the keyword and ads. This will enable marketers to know what aspect of an ad needs improvement.
  • Geotargeting- In search engine marketing, advertisers can target the potential clients in their backyard or halfway across the world.
  • Pay Per Action- The paid search is referred to the name of PPC and advertisers have only to pay a fee when the ad is clicked.

These factors emphasise how the need for SEM is more than conventional marketing.

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11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

The form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional messages to the customers is called Internet marketing or Online marketing. The techniques like E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing are all part of Internet marketing.

In 2016, the revenues from Internet advertisement surpassed cable television and broadcast television. In 2017, the revenues witnessed an increase of 14% to the previous year and rose to $83 billion. These facts underlie the importance and popularity of Internet marketing in today’s times.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing which involves promotion of website by increasing their visibility in the Search Engines Result Pages. It is a broader discipline which includes both paid search results and organic search results. In some context, SEM exclusively refers to Pay Per Click advertising.

SEM training in Delhi teaches students to create a link between SEO and PPC. When two separate teams work on SEO and PPC and the efforts are not synced, the positive results of aligning their strategies can be lost. Both the technologies perform the same function, and thus the coordination between them should be perfect.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an Internet advertising model which is used to direct traffic to websites. The advertiser only pays when their ad is clicked. Thus, this is a model which has high ROI. The cost-per-impression and cost per order are used to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of the campaign.

A poorly planned campaign can exhaust all the marketing budget of an organisation and provide close to no benefits. The PPC training in Delhi prepares future experts for the dangers associated with PPC and how to engage with the marketing tools that lead to business success.

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What are some hidden benefits of hiring an AdWords consultant?


PPC or Pay Per Click is an internet advertising model which is used to direct the traffic to websites using ads. This method is followed by mostly tier-1 search engines like Google and Yahoo. It involves advertisers bidding on keyword phrases which are relevant to their target market.

The purpose of PPC is to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of an Internet marketing campaign. Clicks are used as a measure of attention and interest.  PPC is the preferred metric if an ad is used to generate clicks. It is seen that advertisers hesitate to hire a PPC expert, but the benefits are numerous. Some of the reasons why the services of a PPC expert should be taken are as follows-

  • Keyword research- Researching for keywords can be crucial for an online business. PPC experts have the pre-requisite knowledge and idea about it. They spend a lot of time on it initially and later in the process.
  • Wrong ad copy- PPC experts can perform competitive research, and they know how to find a good copy. It is not something which can be learned overnight and thus; it is crucial to hire them.
  • Tracking sales- A PPC campaign works by tracking the sales and the source of sales. Tracking of sales can help in using keywords better. Thus, it is advised to leave the task to an expert.
  • A good landing page- The campaign depends upon the relevance of the landing page and PPC experts work to make the landing page better.

The success of a PPC campaign also depends on one other factor. Hiring an AdWords consultant can prove vital for any business. They can give the following benefits to business owners-

  • Improve the clicks and reducing the overall spend.
  • Increase the conversion of the clicks.
  • Decrease the cost per click average of an ad.

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How is an AdWords consultant crucial in a PPC campaign?


When a business owner takes help of Internet advertising to increase their online visibility and sales, they often complain about the slow results of SEO. Therefore, investment in PPC services is made. PPC can deliver targeted traffic immediately.

However, to execute a successful PPC campaign, technical knowledge is essential. The services of a PPC expert are thus crucial to review the potential complications which can arise. They are also responsible for improving the copy and landing page. Business owners often try to set up their own Google AdWords account due to ignorance, but it costs less to take services of a PPC expert than launch a campaign on their own.

The following are the reasons why it is recommended to take help from PPC management expert-

  • Keyword research can be tricky- The whole process of selecting keywords is vital to choosing the wrong keywords can lead to quick depletion of the budget without the right results. PPC experts help here.
  • Finding a good copy- PPC experts are responsible for finding the correct copy by studying the competition and then forming the ads based on their knowledge.
  • Knowledge of technical terms- A PPC expert is aware of all the names like CPM, CPC, CPA. They know the difference between impressions, views and hits. Knowledge of these terms is vital for any campaign.
  • Landing page- The importance of a right landing page in a PPC campaign can’t be stated enough, and this is where PPC assist the advertisers.

A professional who is responsible for managing the expenditure of a PPC campaign is an AdWords consultant. They identify key areas where spending money can be beneficial. They also work in managing bids and take care of negative keywords so that the campaign works efficiently.

Ratan Jha is a PPC expert and AdWords consultant based in Delhi. He helps the businesses in formulating and streamlining their marketing goals. Visit Ratanjha.com to know more.

How PPC experts carry out Internet advertising with a clear strategy?


It is never easy to market your products online and especially when there is so much competition in the market. The priority of business owners is to increase their visibility in the online world. Thus, the question arises how? One of the solutions is the PPC.

PPC or Pay Per Click is an advertising system which involves advertisers paying for each click on their website. PPC advertising is done on the Search engine result pages and the content websites. PPCs are usually placed on the top, bottom or right-hand side of the search engine result pages.

The position of the ad gets determined through a bidding process. A higher bid means that ad is placed higher in the search results, but there are some search engines like Google which give importance to other factors like Click Through Rate (CTR) and relevance of your ad texts to both keywords and landing page of your site. The less relevant the text, the more advertiser must pay for their ad. It is for this reason companies need to hire a PPC expert to optimize the campaign to generate ROI.

It is noticed that general keywords get more traffic as compared to the specific keywords. The price of PPC is increasing every day with the increasing competition and as more business owners adopt PPC advertisement. Choosing a clear PPC strategy becomes vital by outlining a clear plan. The following are the parts of PPC strategy-

  • Initial planning
  • Analysis of competition, company and customers
  • Defining the goal
  • Running the campaign
  • Testing and optimising

The advantages a PPC campaign holds over other forms of internet advertising is the excellent ROI and trackability associated with it. PPC allows the users to find which keywords bring maximum conversions and the money they pay.

Managing a PPC AdWords campaign can become a hectic task which needs dedicated time and money to the advertiser. Thus, it is advised that an expert is hired for the campaign. AdWords consultant help in managing the PPC campaigns. It is recommended to investigate the following three qualities in an AdWords consultant-

  • The consultant has the right qualification.
  • They offer a test drive campaign for free.
  • They share information easily and have a decent previous record.

Ratan Jha is an AdWords and PPC expert based in Delhi. He has a vast experience of carrying out successful campaigns in the past. Visit Ratanjha.com to avail his services.

How has SEM training become an essential part of Internet marketing curriculum?

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

The need to conduct business online is a necessity in the current scenario. As the user base of the Internet continues to grow, there is an increased shift towards hiring Digital marketing experts. The SEM services also come in the same bracket.

SEM or Search engine marketing involves search engines like Google and Bing have different standards for their site to qualify for the top results. The factors which are included are efficient link building, website design and providing relevant content through research. However, to conduct an adequate SEM campaign, proper training is required.

So, what are the methods which are taught in SEM training in Delhi?

SEM training includes the following metrics and methods to optimise the websites-

  • Keyword research and analysis- This is a three-step process- Ensure that site gets indexed in the search engines, finding the most relevant and accessible keywords for the websites and using these keywords to convert the traffic which is generated.
  • Website saturation and popularity- The presence of a website on the search engine gets analysed through the number of pages of a site that are indexed by the search engine.
  • Back-end tools- The web analytics tools and HTML validators provide data on a website and its visitor. This allows the success of a site to be measured.
  • Whois tools- They reveal the owner of a website and is essential for information relating to copyright.
  • Google Mobile-Friendly Website Checker- This test is used to analyse the URL and check if the page has a mobile-friendly page.

These methods are vital to conducting any SEM campaign. An SEM campaign also includes Keyword marketing or Pay-Per-Click advertising. The technology allows the users to bid on the specific keywords or phrases. It ensures that ad appears in the results of a search engine.

The internet advertising aspirants often have queries such as what is the need for PPC training? The reason is simple-Any professional digital marketer can learn PPC to get a big career boost. Search engines welcome the paid or PPC results to enhance online sales and visibility of a brand.

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