Why hiring an AdWords consultant for PPC campaigns a great plan?


A popular form of Internet marketing which generates traffic on your website quickly is PPC. If an organisation needs fast growth online, then PPC proves to be a great tool. The PPC expert helps in delivering targeted traffic through the help of their Ads.

The cost which is involved in a PPC campaign is dependent on the clicks. The advertisers only have to pay for the traffic which they are getting on their websites. Thus, it is also a way of knowing the interest which your Internet marketing campaign generates and cost-effectiveness.

A simple formula which gets used in PPC-

Pay-per-click ($) = Advertising cost ($) / Ads clicked (#)

Pay Per Click services gets used in most of the tier-1 search engines like Google and Bing. The process involves advertisers bidding on the keywords to get displayed in the search results. As PPC campaign involves serious money, advertisers prefer to hire an AdWords consultant.

The task of an AdWords consultant is to improve the PPC advertising campaign. Some of the important accomplishments which AdWords consultant helps advertisers achieve include- Decreasing the cost of the campaign while maintaining the click volume, increasing the click-through rate by optimisation of text and increasing the overall average quality score.

An AdWords consultant thus assures the advertisers that the PPC campaign will be a success through techniques like Geo-targeting and AdWords account restructure. They find ways to bridge the gap between the current sales and goals.

As the clicks on your campaign will increase after optimisation of website, the targeted traffic will be attracted, and that will result in more sales.

The business owners who are looking to succeed in the PPC advertising should hire experienced experts. It helps in reaching to the right audience and generate sales for your business. Talk to our experts for professional services today.


How PPC expert and AdWords consultant vital for any online growth?


digiguru-ratanjhaPPC and SEO are the two of the most important techniques of online marketing. Organisations are increasingly turning towards these methods to ensure more profit online. The PPC experts perform the task of delivering targeted traffic through the help of Ads.

Search Engine advertising is one of the most popular forms of PPC or Pay Per Click. The process involves advertisers to bid for an ad placement in a search engine sponsored links when search related to the keyword gets done.

The cost involved in the campaign depends on the number of clicks it generates. The more the number of clicks, the higher the overall value of the campaign becomes. However, the profit which is associated overshadows the cost of the campaign. The potential associated with any PPC campaign is massive, but it involves an expert to run a successful campaign.

PPC expert must do research on keywords, form ads after studying the competition, tracking the source of the sales, have a good understanding of the terminology of the PPC campaign, improve conversions by improving the landing page and keep up with the latest trends in the world of online marketing.

This was about the responsibilities of a PPC expert, but there is another cog in the wheel of online advertisement. That role is an AdWords consultant. An AdWords consultant works towards improving the PPC Advertising campaigns.

Some of the crucial roles of an AdWords consultant involves keyword research, text ad optimisation, geo-targeting, campaign level reporting and bid management of the AdWords.

Through an AdWords consultant, you get the assurance that your campaign is in right hands. The chances of success also become high through the combination of hands-on account work by AdWords consultant and an experienced PPC expert.

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How an PPC expert can help your organisation grow swiftly?


The dependence of business on marketing and advertisement can’t get emphasised enough. It also means the need of new professionals to help a business. As organisation look to promote their business online, they need reliable professionals who can help the company grow.

Paid advertising is one of the most important forms of marketing that companies are using these days. However, succeeding in the paid advertising is not possible unless you know tricks and strategies.

Are you facing loss in paid advertising?

If yes, consult with an experienced and skilled AdWords consultant. It is an expert who helps advertisers create strategies to return to profiting ways. Starting from the creation of landing page, ad copy, and proper optimisation of the campaigns, the consultant can provide help in everything. However, it is essential to consult with an experienced one to avoid facing the losses in your advertising budget.

Before hiring an AdWords expert, proper research should get done, and consultation with your friends and colleagues is a must. You can also ask the expert about the past clients and then look for reviews in public forums.

Another essential process involved with online marketing is the hiring of a PPC expert. PPC or Pay Per Click is the process of displaying ads on the search engine result page. The process of PPC is faster than other methods of generating traffic like SEO despite being cost-effective. The traffic generated through PPC has high chances of being the targeted audience.

The cost of a PPC campaign to the company depends on the clicks it generates, and thus it becomes vital that the expert you hire has prior experience of carrying out successful campaigns. An expert will choose the right keywords to help you in the online business.

They will find a suitable ad copy, do research on the client’s competition and then make ads using their experience. An experienced PPC expert will also see the right time and the perfect geographical location to target for your ad.

The organisations looking to increase their online visibility and to grow in stature can contact Ratan Jha. He is an AdWords and PPC expert based in Delhi who is also Google AdWords certified. The industry or product you sell doesn’t matter; he will help in increasing your sales significantly.


Why is PPC Advertising Important for Online Businesses?

digiguru-ratanjhaPay Per Click is an important form of advertising used widely business across the globe. Companies are charged money for each click in the ad campaigns. But, the traffic that comes from the search engines are qualified and possess the intention of purchasing your products. Though the campaign seems to be costly, yet the ROI of the business will be positive. For that, you need to set and manage the campaign to the international standards.

PPC advertising is being used by companies of all sizes – big or small in reaching the audience online. The campaign is effective and takes no time in delivering the right result. However, it takes efforts in managing the campaign to get the desired result. A PPC expert is essential to set, optimise and track the campaign’s performance online. The real work begins soon after setting the campaign in the system. It needs constant modification, tracking and optimisation to maximise the revenues within a short time.

Companies failing to manage the campaign as per the international standard will get failures. Not managing of the campaign will lead to loss of budget due to irrelevant clicks in the ads. Hence, the campaign should be optimised and managed to target, save budget and increase the sales online.

Some of the business owners prefer managing the campaign themselves. If you are one such owner, you must know the project in detail with experience in handling before. Know the latest strategies, management and optimisation technique are consulting with an AdWords Consultant. You can contact the expert online and get the valuable guidance sitting at your home.

A consultant can provide right guidance and help in selecting keywords, ad copy, landing page, and even other strategies. Utilising the right strategies help in increasing the reach to the right audience and increase sale immediately.

PPC advertising has the highest potential of increasing your sales and profits, but, need constant monitoring of the performance. Achieving success in the paid advertising is possible when you have experts to manage your campaigns.

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The urgent need of PPC and AdWords consultant for businesses


The scenario in current time makes it vital that any business whether small or large deals online. Competition is high, and it becomes essential to have one over your competitors. To beat this competition, online marketing is required.

Online marketing involves the use of keywords and search techniques to bring clicks to your website. The business models on which focus on – E-commerce, lead-based website, affiliate marketing and local search. A significant step in online marketing is the hiring of a PPC expert.

PPC or Pay Per Click is the technique of promoting a website through a search engine. The PPC expert runs the campaign depending on the clicks it generates. The cost of the campaign is in proportion to the clicks. However, the price is insignificant when the profit gets compared.

It becomes a necessity while running these campaigns that the expert has the required technical knowledge and prowess. The money involved in the attack should get used in a way that it is maximised. If the business of any customer needs to be elevated, then it becomes necessary that the business owners take the help of an AdWords consultant.

An AdWords consultant is essential in reaching to your potential customers through the help of a search engine. They advertise your product by creating quality ad copy, and this ensures that the conversion is high for these clicks. Although anyone can create an AdWords account, only an experienced consultant can bring the desired traffic to the website.

The organisation can face loss in the business if the constant management and tracking of performance through Google Analytics doesn’t get done. To avoid such situations of loss, you need to hire a professional. The AdWords consultant will give his valuable insight for the campaign and produce keywords to attract the customers. There are specific quality checks, however, which a business owner must perform.

The certification pages, AdWords partners link, the link between case studies and a thorough search in the AdWords official community should get done before hiring a professional.

So, if you are looking for a PPC and AdWords expert for your business, you can contact Ratan Jha who with his incredible knowledge and experience helps the startups and established companies to formulate and implement their online marketing campaigns.


The answer to your AdWords and PPC needs

digiguru-ratanjha An advertisement is a way of ensuring that the audience and potential customers have a rough idea of your product or services. The competition which each corporation faces make it vital that they advertise their products. The online advertisement has emerged as a successful tool for marketing and promotion of products on the Internet. Through the help of Google AdWords, business owners can sell their products or pass useful information to their audience.

Dealing with Google AdWords, however, requires technical prowess of an expert. Thus, companies who are doing online advertisements hire an AdWords consultant to carry out a successful AdWords campaign.

The job of an AdWords consultant is to make full use of your online advertising budget. They do just that by writing a high-quality ad copy which in turn increases the click-through rate. The need for an expert thus can’t be emphasised enough.

Online marketing also involves PPC which is an approved method for bringing traffic to your website. The PPC campaign also requires an expert for successful exclusion. They choose the relevant keywords which can boost the traffic to your site.

PPC expert studies the competition of their client and then make ads through their expertise. The campaign is carried out by keeping in mind factors like geography, the time frame and the expenses involved.

The critical thing to consider with Pay Per Click advertising is the cost management. It involves websites getting displayed as the Ads in Google search results. The cost of the campaign will be directly proportional to the number of clicks it generates but the return on investment is high, so business owners do not shy away from PPC.

The online marketing and in turn hiring of an AdWords and PPC expert becomes a necessity for any business operating online. The AdWords expert not only provides consultation but can also help you in taking care of your AdWords account and thus making the campaign more efficient.

If you are a business owner and wants to take help of an experienced AdWords and PPC expert for your business, you should contact Ratan Jha who is an expert based in Delhi with extensive experience.

How does a PPC Expert help to Succeed in Paid Advertising?


Are you facing loss in your paid advertising?

When you are investing an amount of marketing budget in PPC advertising without much success, the situation creates frustration and disappointment. Eating of your advertising budget in irrelevant clicks – you feel helpless and hopeless of ever getting into profitability from this marketing. You start to denounce the strategy as being ineffective or not for your business.

PPC advertising is very efficient and helpful in bringing desired sales and traffic from online sources, provided it is done in the right way. The ads need to be optimised to the international standards targeting the potential audience with proper keywords. Using the top performing key phrases help in getting more traffic and sales within a short time.

The ad campaigns need a proper structure to enable targeting of customers perfectly. Target the audience based on the geographic location, age groups, and other categories in the ads. Even timing needs to be set when the potential customers are most active online.

All these optimisations need understanding and experience. A PPC expert is the right person to take care of your advertising utilising the budget in the best possible manner. It will help in maximising your reach to a targeted audience with a limited budget.

A constant tracking is essential to gauge the performance of campaigns, keywords, and group. Keep refining the ads based on the insight of Google Analytics to get qualified leads and high conversion rate.

Outsourcing the Pay Per Click project to experts cause lots of expense from your marketing budgets. But, you can also manage your campaigns if you are skilled enough and possess experience in this field. Consult with an AdWords consultant to get guidance and help to optimise your campaigns to return to profitability. Right from selecting the keywords to the refining of campaigns, you will find everything from experts.

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