Why you Should Hire a PPC Expert?


Before the invention of the Internet, businesses had only two ways of attracting attention for their profit. To purchase costly advertising or get third-party help from the media. The internet has changed the rules and regulations in today’s marketing world, and companies that are keeping up with changes are finding great success.

One such online advertising model is Pay-Per-Click or PPC. PPC is a model of Internet marketing in which advertisers can display their ads for their goods or services. They have to pay a small amount of fee each time one of their ads is clicked.

PPC is simple and can generate traffic to your website as soon as the ad goes live, some of the benefits of PPC are listed below-

  1. Unlike SEO, the results of your efforts on a PPC campaign can be easily measured.
  2. In a PPC campaign, one has a complete say on what will appear on his ad, which audience it will reach, or where will it get published. One can also control what Keyword searches it will appear for.
  3. In PPC, Ads can be adjusted easily unlike other search engine marketing technique where it may take weeks or months to adapt to convert market behaviour. It is also cost-effective, and the cost of placing an ad for a particular keyword is very low.

A successful paid campaign takes excellent attention to detail and the ability to analyse data into a flexible ongoing strategy. That is why hiring a PPC expert is a logical decision. A PPC expert continuously researches the trends and develops plans to keep the campaigns ahead of the curve. He knows how to find a good copy to increase your campaign’s click-through rate and net your more conversions. He is aware of the PPC terminology like CPM, CPA, CPC, etc. He understands not only the principles of landing page design but also to test these principles.

The only popular PPC advertising system in the world is Google AdWords. The AdWords platform enables the organisation to create ads that appear on Google’s search engine. AdWords operates on a pay-per-click model in which users bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisements. The professional who gives you the assurity that your PPC account is in the right place is an AdWord consultant. They identify the areas where spreading money is beneficial for the businesses, they manage bits and take care of keywords to make the campaign work properly.

Ratan Jha is a PPC expert and AdWords consultant based in Delhi. He helps many organisation to achieve their goal of earning higher amount of traffic to their website and offer a high level of expertise they desire.

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Role of Adwords consultant in PPC campaign


When a client takes help of online marketing to increase their sales, they often complain of slow speed, that can be very frustrating to clients. Therefore, it is recommended to invest in PPC services. PPC delivers the results immediately, and the targeted traffic is achieved instantly.

PPC services help you to achieve your goals quickly, efficiently and at a nominal rate. Technical knowledge is required to execute these services; It takes a PPC expert to review every possible facet of your account and ways to improve your copy and the landing page. If you are new to PPC, you may be unaware that the cost of hiring a PPC expert is lesser than the cost of launching a campaign on your own.

Here are a few reasons why you should hire a PPC expert-

  1. Keyword research is essential to the success of your business, a wrong keyword can exhaust your budget, and your campaign will have poor returns.
  2. PPC experts know how to find a good copy, they study your competition and form ads based on their research. The right copy can increase your campaign’s click-through rate and net you more conversions.
  3. A PPC expert is aware of the PPC terminology like CPM, CPA, CPC and the difference between views, impressions and hits for managing your campaigns.
  4. PPC experts understand not only the principles of landing page design but also how to test those principles.

An Adwords Consultant is a professional who gives you the assurity that your PPC account is in the right hands; he is also responsible for managing the expenses of PPC campaign. Their job is to identify the areas where spending money can be beneficial; they manage bids, take care of Keywords, so the campaign works smoothly.

Ratan Jha is an Adwords consultant and a PPC expert based in Delhi. He helps many businesses realise the higher amount of traffic they desire and offers the level of expertise you need to launch your website.

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How a PPC expert ensures profit in marketing?


An online marketing campaign can be profitable or ineffective depending on the expert a business hire. It is possible that a business spends only Rs 10 or Rs 100 on a campaign, the priority of a company should be to hire an experienced AdWords consultant who can maximise the profit of a campaign.

An AdWords and PPC expert can make a significant contribution towards a business and website performance. The following reasons explain it in detail-

  • PPC and AdWords can help business owners to advertise to the audience who are actively looking for a product and service. This increases the chances of conversion after the click and thus, maximises the budget.
  • PPC ads appear when a user types specific keywords in the search box. Google allows the advertisers to choose these keywords and send the advertisers to a relevant page on the website. These AdWords can take time, but the results can be excellent for the business.
  • By selecting AdWords as the marketing tool, a business owner ensures that the company is found by potential customers at the exact time of their requirement.
  • PPC and AdWords give you a measurable ROI which allows the business owners to see exactly what they are getting from an Ad. The impressions and number of clicks which an Ad is getting can be measured, and this makes analysing the success much more comfortable.
  • The exposure which an Ad campaign delivers can be beneficial both in the long and short-term. The customers search for keywords which means that your brand gets the visibility in front of potential clients.
  • The cost involved in a PPC campaign is dependent on the clicks which makes it one of the most effective and result oriented tools to market products.

All these benefits give a fair idea why the preference for AdWords is increasing over SEO.

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How can a PPC campaign get optimised with experts help?


A PPC or Pay Per Click is the most cost-effective method of digital marketing. The campaign can deliver high-quality traffic and targeted messages that lead to successful, post-click response rates. A PPC expert is a professional who takes care of a campaign and allows the business owners to reach their marketing goals.

The reasons why a PPC expert should be employed are listed below-

  • Expands the reach- It is essential that the reach of a business campaign increases while the focus is maintained on the target audience. The approved sellers on the platforms like Google AdWords™ and the Yahoo! Bing Network are familiar with targeting the specific users.
  • Optimizes the budget- PPC requires an advertiser to pay for an ad only when they click on them. This can create an illusion that money in a campaign is getting fully utilised, but ineffective clicks can eat the whole budget of the campaign. An expert will help a business campaign by selecting the right packages. They can also target users by geography, demographics, and other available filters.
  • Results are measured- The experts can monitor results which is an advantage with the PPC. Tracking ad impressions, clicks and expenditures is possible. They will tweak ads and adjust accordingly.
  • Align with other channels- It is seen that the PPC users treat them as a different entity to the other marketing channels. As with the other marketing channels, it is essential that you integrate the PPC campaign into the overall marketing and promotional plan. An expert helps business owners to connect the PPC campaign with the existing E-mail campaigns or direct mail.
  • Saves time- By giving PPC responsibilities to the experts, an organisation can allow it’s employees to focus on areas such as business development.

It is evident that to maximise the budget of an AdWords or PPC campaign, expert help is required.

Ratan Jha is an AdWords consultant and PPC expert based in Delhi. He will take care of all your digital marketing needs with Data Driven Strategies, Executions, And Reporting.

How a PPC expert helps you in achieving your business targets?


In Internet advertisement, there are two methods to market a product- organic and inorganic.

The organic method includes SEO or Search engine optimisation. It affects the visibility of a website in the search results and increasing the traffic on it. The inorganic technique of influencing the results on a site include PPC which is a useful marketing strategy for charging a fee only when an ad is clicked.

The clicks on a website are earned in PPC, and when a search containing a keyword is done, they appear on the top of search results. It is one of the most effective advertising channels, and the primary objectives of ROI, traffic and reach is achieved quickly. Now, what are the benefits of hiring a PPC expert for a business? There are many, and few of them are listed below-

  • Immediate results- The PPC is a fast process and results are achieved in very less time as compared to the organic methods.
  • Quality traffic- The traffic which comes due to PPC is the relevant traffic. It can pull visitors to your website and not push advertisement to convince people. The search traffic is likely to be converted as PPC ads are among the first options.
  • Increase in sales and leads- It can increase the sales and leads. If the quality of products and services is right, PPC will likely drive more conversion. Although, it can take time and PPC is expensive, the results are rewarding.
  • Measurable- It is a quantifiable method of advertising and the advertisements, keywords, or ad placements get tracked. Conversion tracking can be used to monitor the conversions which you are receiving.
  • Independent of Algorithm changes- PPC advertisement is not dependent on the Google Algorithm changes, and it is not a risky technique.

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How hiring a PPC expert can boost your sales?


Google started an online advertising service by the name of AdWords. It is used by advertisers to display brief advertising copy, product listings, and video content on the Google Ad network. The cookies and keywords determined by advertisers use these characteristics to place advertising copy on pages.

The AdWords has evolved as the primary source of revenue for Google with total advertising revenue of USD 43.7 billion in the year 2012. In AdWords, there are two services involved- Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and Cost Per Acquisition (CPA) advertising.

PPC is an internet advertising model which is used to direct traffic to websites, and an advertiser pays a fee to the publisher when the ad is clicked. It is usually associated with the first-tier search engines, and in case of search engines, the advertisers typically bid on the keyword phrases relevant to their audience while content sites commonly charge a fixed price per click.

It is advised that business owners take services of PPC expert to grow their business. The benefits are listed below-

  • Keyword research- This process is vital for any business, and an expert will spend lots of time on it. Picking wrong keywords can be disastrous for a campaign as it can exhaust the budget of internet marketing budget quickly.
  • Wrong Ad copy- The biggest strength of a PPC expert is the ability to perform competitive research. They know how to find a good copy, study your competition and then form ads based on it.
  • Tracking- Any sound PPC expert will work by tracking not only sales but also the source of these sales. They will concentrate their efforts on the parts of the campaign which are profitable and remove the ones which are eating the budget.

These reasons show how a PPC expert will impact the online marketing campaign of a business positively.

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Why hiring an expert is so crucial for your PPC campaign?


The two primary techniques involved in Search engine marketing, PPC and SEO are in constant competition with one another as the target audience is mostly the same. SEO is a slow process and in a highly competitive environment, time means money. This is the reason why more money is invested in PPC advertising.

PPC advertising allows business owners to deliver targeted traffic, but it is not easy and takes technical knowledge to implement it successfully. It is often seen with internet advertising that even the veterans of this field commit mistakes and therefore, it is advised to take services of a PPC expert. They will review every aspect of the campaign, and some of the other reasons for hiring them are listed below-

  • Keyword research- The whole process of keyword research is difficult and time-consuming. Picking the wrong keywords can mean quick depletion of budget and thus, it is crucial that the right keywords are chosen.
  • Wrong Ad copy- A PPC expert conducts research and knows how to find a good copy, they study your competition, and they form ads based on their knowledge. A good ad copy benefits the campaign by increasing the click-through campaign and increasing the overall profit.
  • Tracking sales- An expert performs the vital task of monitoring the transactions and their source. Tracking sales allow business owners to know which part of a campaign is more effective and which needs to be cut off.
  • Campaign settings- To set up a campaign, several aspects need to be checked to provide maximum exposure. There are questions about how a campaign should target audiences locally, statewide, nationally, or worldwide? Is there a need for different ad groups?
  • Updated- A PPC expert will be updated about the latest happenings in digital marketing as they read news, journals and forums.

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