How will a course in SEM add to your knowledge of Search marketing?

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

SEM or Search engine marketing is a combination of paid search and organic search. The approach taken is holistic and results driven which increases the visibility among the targeted audience.

SEO is a technique which includes content marketing, site and page optimisation and keyword targeting so that a website can appear at the top of search results. It is more focused on the quality of content on the site and aims to improve it over time.

In the case of PPC, it is used for fast results and traffic growth by the website owners. It is a means of targeting the traffic which is relevant to a business.

In recent times, SEM has emerged as a bright career alternative. Benefits of SEM training in Delhi are given below-

  • It provides a deeper understanding of the SEO techniques and is usually designed by trained professionals.
  • A professional course has updated knowledge and factually correct knowledge about the course.
  • The course allows students to have one on one interaction with the trainers and feedback is given on projects which will enable a better understanding of the concepts.
  • With the help of a professional course, a student will gain knowledge about illegal methods, and they will get to know about correct techniques to increase the rankings.
  • It is cheaper than hiring professionals for your campaign, and it is observed that many organisations give in-house training to employees to handle the campaigns.
  • When a student is done with course, they will get a full perspective of an internet marketing campaign and how the profits can be maximised.

These benefits highlight the need for taking Search engine marketing training and PPC training in Delhi.

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What are the merits of learning Search marketing?


SEM is the process to market products and offers through search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. It is one of the most effective techniques that allows business owners to drive qualified leads to their business. SEM is a quick and effective way to increase the rankings of a website with the help of selected keywords.

Benefits of SEM-

The people who are conducting online search for a product are usually in the buying stage. SEM targets certain products and services so that when a search is conducted related to it, the ads show on the search results page. It is a primary means of increasing the rank of the website and placing a product in front of potential customers. It is seen that with the help of SEM services, any business owner can drive the following benefits-

  • Leads- SEM keeps working 24/7 just like the internet. With the increased visibility, there will increased targeted traffic as well. There are millions of searches which are conducted every day as users look for websites, information and services.
  • Cost effective- SEM is one of the most cost-effective method of marketing in comparison to the traditional methods of marketing. Google Analytics is also a tool to measure the effects of a campaign.
  • Brand building- When a brand appears high on the search results, it means that the business is in good condition in the respective industry. It also increases the credibility of a brand.
  • Stay competitive- If a business owner search keywords related to their business, they will be able to notice that most of their competition are already taking SEM services.

Thus, SEM training in Delhi is one of the most in-demand course due to the increasing popularity of Search Engine Marketing.

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Become an expert in Internet Marketing with thesemacademy.

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

The form of marketing and advertising which uses the Internet to deliver promotional messages to the customers is called Internet marketing or Online marketing. The techniques like E-mail Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing are all part of Internet marketing.

In 2016, the revenues from Internet advertisement surpassed cable television and broadcast television. In 2017, the revenues witnessed an increase of 14% to the previous year and rose to $83 billion. These facts underlie the importance and popularity of Internet marketing in today’s times.

SEM or Search Engine Marketing is a form of internet marketing which involves promotion of website by increasing their visibility in the Search Engines Result Pages. It is a broader discipline which includes both paid search results and organic search results. In some context, SEM exclusively refers to Pay Per Click advertising.

SEM training in Delhi teaches students to create a link between SEO and PPC. When two separate teams work on SEO and PPC and the efforts are not synced, the positive results of aligning their strategies can be lost. Both the technologies perform the same function, and thus the coordination between them should be perfect.

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an Internet advertising model which is used to direct traffic to websites. The advertiser only pays when their ad is clicked. Thus, this is a model which has high ROI. The cost-per-impression and cost per order are used to assess the cost-effectiveness and profitability of the campaign.

A poorly planned campaign can exhaust all the marketing budget of an organisation and provide close to no benefits. The PPC training in Delhi prepares future experts for the dangers associated with PPC and how to engage with the marketing tools that lead to business success.

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What attracts students in selecting SEM as a career?


Most of the users of the internet are dependent on search engines for finding the right products, services and data. Search engine marketing is a primary method to gain new followers and create brand awareness. The advertisers in the US spent $24.6 billion on search engine marketing in 2007. The trends show an upwards growth for SEM or Search Engine Marketing as opposed to traditional methods of advertisement.

The SEM training in Delhi focuses on Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click trading, and world wide web site copywriting.

What are the career opportunities?

Before a student decides to enrol in a course, they must learn the prospects. After completing the course, the students will become certified professionals in the field of digital marketing. This training opens new doors for students, and they will be able to land the most attractive jobs in the industry. Some of the positions are mentioned below-

  • Senior Search Marketing Executive
  • Senior SEM Campaign Executive
  • Senior SEM Campaign Leader
  • Search Marketing Analyst
  • Senior SEM Team Leader

Added benefits-

It is also not necessary that aspirants must look for jobs as they will have enough knowledge to start their own SEM organisation. They also get opportunities to work as a freelancer and earn money through affiliate marketing, blogging or using the Google AdSense on their website.

The structure of an SEM course is designed in a way to ensure that students get in-depth knowledge of the latest SEM tools, trends, software’s, tips, tricks and strategies. The aspirants will also learn about the latest happenings from the world of SEM.

The SEM training helps students to cover both basic and advanced methods. Along with training in SEM, some institutes also provide students with a certification which is helpful in landing job opportunities and add weight to the resume.

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The benefits of studying SEM techniques in Delhi.

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

Most of the students looking to get PPC training in Delhi have a rough idea about working of Pay Per Click. It involves promoting the brand’s presence through paid advertising on the search engines. A search engine marketing course consists of studying about PPC, Google AdWords, building, paid advertising campaigns and optimising.

Students get to learn by working on live projects and gain hands-on experience. The following are the benefits of SEM training in Delhi

  • Introduction to SEM and concepts
  • Learn about Search and Display Campaigns
  • Keyword bidding, managing campaign performance
  • Work with Google Ad Scheduling, Ad Delivery
  • Learn about Conversion Tracking, Code Tracking

Who should enrol?

The training is designed for professionals belonging to marketing, media and advertising. However, project managers, PPC and SEM professionals can also enrol in the course to sharpen their skills.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

There are no prerequisites for this course, and anyone can enrol in SEM training to become a digital marketing expert.


The course gives a brief introduction about Google AdWords, Inorganic search results, PPC and keyword bidding. The students also learn about account setup in Google AdWords, the structure of AdWords account and advertising campaign types like Display and search advertising.

The benefits of SEM to business owners are mentioned below-

  • It connects potential clients directly with the business and thus making it an effective method of online advertising.
  • A cost-effective way of marketing and budget is decided by the advertisers.
  • Most of the traffic on a website (approx. 80%) is through a search engine which shows the significance of SEM.
  • SEM also provides marketers with Web Analytics, thus enabling them to improve the measurable results of a website promotion campaign.

How to be a Search Engine Marketing Professional?

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

The internet is the new marketplace for companies around the world. With the exponential growth of users, the internet has become a massive market for brands or companies. Tapping the potential customers of the internet is not possible unless you embrace modern online marketing strategies. And, most of the small to big enterprises are relying on these strategies to increase sales and revenues of their firms.

The effectiveness of search engine marketing is proven and needs no explanation. Thousands of brands are reaping benefits promoting their offering online. It is good to see an increasing number of firms are using online marketing to realise their business goal.

In search engine marketing, numerous channels and strategies are used for promotion of products. No matter which channel is used, the brands can reach to potential audiences beyond the physical boundaries and accessibilities. Both organic and paid advertising has become the basis of online marketing. The companies are using the strategies not only to succeed now but to survive in the future market.

Succeeding in online marketing is not possible unless managed by experts and professionals. Hence, it is the right time for SEM training in Delhi for anyone willing to start a career in this industry. It is the right step to become a successful professional in search marketing industry.

Students enrolling in the SEM course will learn fundamental to advanced knowledge of the industry. Candidates will get theoretical and practical class taught by experienced and qualified faculties. It allows students to learn by doing as they work on live projects of different industries in the classroom. In short, the PPC training in Delhi is on-job training for aspirants to get ready for workplace challenges acquiring necessary professional skills.

After completion of training, students are given certificates of recognition of their expertise in managing PPC advertising. Further assistance on job placement is offered to help find employment in the niche industry.

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How is Delhi emerging the top destination for SEM training?


SEM or Search engine marketing is a concept of marketing which is still new and unknown to most people. In layman language, SEM is the part of Internet marketing which increases the visibility of a website or webpage primarily through paid advertising. SEM incorporates search engine optimisation, which involves adjusting or rewriting the website content to achieve higher rankings in search results which in turn enhance PPC listings.

The prominence of SEM can be estimated by the fact that advertisers of US spent $24.6 billion on Search Engine Marketing. Business dependence on online advertising has increased significantly and thus hiring experts has become a necessity. The skills of an expert become essential in handling online advertising campaign.

An SEM expert set ad, select keywords, manage, optimise and refine the strategies of successful campaigns. Tuning campaigns according to guidelines of search engines help in increasing quality score giving optimal rank which increases click-through-rate and conversions. This makes hiring an expert essential in this market.

Why should students enrol in SEM training in Delhi?

Delhi has emerged as one of the top destinations for learning digital marketing. The highly experienced teachers present here along with a relative low course fee acts as a great attraction. SEM course will give students basic to advanced knowledge of paid advertising. After completion of course, students can work full time or freelance as per their convenience.

PPC training in Delhi is also quite popular in the digital marketing aspirants. PPC or Pay Per Click is a part of Search Engine Marketing commonly associated with the tier-1 search engines. PPC training teaches students how to track the clicks and impressions which a campaign is receiving.

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