How an expert gives the required boost to your PPC campaign?


In the world of Internet marketing, there is a constant tug of war between PPC and AdWords. The changing algorithms of Google are also responsible for companies evolving and updating themselves regularly.

The process of SEO is efficient but slow, and this means the businesses can’t hold on to the number one ranking which they desire. This is the reason why many advertisers prefer investing in PPC. It has the power to deliver the targeted traffic.

PPC, however, requires technical prowess to be adequately implemented. Even the experts tend to make a mistake while starting something new and therefore a PPC expert who can look at all the potential angles of a PPC campaign is required. They also improve the landing page and copy of the website.

The potential cost of setting up an AdWords account will be higher than the fee charged by a PPC expert and thus, hiring an expert is advised. The following are reasons for hiring an expert-

  • Keyword research- The research required to find the right keywords is a complex task. It requires a reasonable amount of time, and if an advertiser is using the wrong keywords, the budget can exhaust quickly.
  • Producing an ad copy- One of the tasks which a PPC expert performs is that of writing a good ad copy after doing research and studying your competition. The right copy will increase the clicks on a site and in turn increase the profits.
  • Tracking- One of the most vital features of a PPC campaign is tracking of sales, clicks and the source of clicks. Through monitoring, advertisers can focus on the profitable parts of the campaign.
  • Update settings- The campaign settings can be confusing, and business owners need to adjust them to get maximum exposure. The geographic locations which need to be targeted should be set before running a campaign.

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What attracts students in selecting SEM as a career?


Most of the users of the internet are dependent on search engines for finding the right products, services and data. Search engine marketing is a primary method to gain new followers and create brand awareness. The advertisers in the US spent $24.6 billion on search engine marketing in 2007. The trends show an upwards growth for SEM or Search Engine Marketing as opposed to traditional methods of advertisement.

The SEM training in Delhi focuses on Search Engine Optimization, pay-per-click trading, and world wide web site copywriting.

What are the career opportunities?

Before a student decides to enrol in a course, they must learn the prospects. After completing the course, the students will become certified professionals in the field of digital marketing. This training opens new doors for students, and they will be able to land the most attractive jobs in the industry. Some of the positions are mentioned below-

  • Senior Search Marketing Executive
  • Senior SEM Campaign Executive
  • Senior SEM Campaign Leader
  • Search Marketing Analyst
  • Senior SEM Team Leader

Added benefits-

It is also not necessary that aspirants must look for jobs as they will have enough knowledge to start their own SEM organisation. They also get opportunities to work as a freelancer and earn money through affiliate marketing, blogging or using the Google AdSense on their website.

The structure of an SEM course is designed in a way to ensure that students get in-depth knowledge of the latest SEM tools, trends, software’s, tips, tricks and strategies. The aspirants will also learn about the latest happenings from the world of SEM.

The SEM training helps students to cover both basic and advanced methods. Along with training in SEM, some institutes also provide students with a certification which is helpful in landing job opportunities and add weight to the resume.

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How an online marketing campaign peaks with the help of an expert?


AdWords is an online advertisement service developed by Google. It involves advertisers paying to display ad copy, product listing and video content in the Google ad network. Using cookies and keywords given by advertisers, Google places the ad copy where they think it might be relevant. Whenever a user clicks on the ad copy, the advertiser pays a fee to Google.

AdWords has evolved into Google’s primary source of revenue and contributed $43.7 billion in 2012. The services like PPC (Pay-Per-Click) and CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) are included in it. The cost involved in an AdWords campaign depends on a variety of factors which include the bidding strategies and the goals of an organisation. An auction gets conducted by AdWords to determine which search ads will be displayed on the search results page and the position of the ad as well.

To efficiently conduct a campaign and get the best results, organisations take help of AdWords consultant. They are responsible for building and managing the AdWords account.

Similarly, a PPC expert can give a boost to the online advertising campaign of an organisation. The following are the reasons why hiring a PPC expert makes sense-

  • They have prior experience with dealing similar situations. The previous knowledge of a PPC expert can help a campaign to a great deal.
  • The whole process of keyword research is time-consuming and complicated. PPC experts have the third-party tools which help in doing research.
  • Campaign tracking gets done with technical expertise and prior experience. Data analysis is also a vital task in the campaign. Thus, to pull off campaign tracking successfully, you need the specialised prowess of a PPC expert.
  • The optimisation of landing page is essential to attract traffic, and it is done by an expert.

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How will an AdWords consultant help in the establishment of business goals?


AdWords is an online advertising service developed by Google which helps advertisers by displaying their Ad copy, product copy and video content in the Google ad networks. The advertisers must pay a fee in return for this service. Based on cookies and keywords, advertisement copies are placed on pages where they think it might be relevant.

The AdWords has evolved as Google’s primary source of income and contribute to the advertising revenue of US $43.7 billion in 2012. They also offer services such as pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and cost-per-acquisition (CPA) advertising.

To help the business owners in dealing with the complexity of managing an AdWords account, search engine marketing agencies offer account management services. The professional responsible for this task is known as AdWords consultant. To regulate the best practices for AdWords management, Google implemented the Google Partner Program and the Google Individual Qualification Program. Individuals and agencies need to meet the benchmarks set by these programs.

What is the cost involved?

The cost of an AdWords campaign depends upon a variety of factors which include the bidding strategies and organisation goals. Therefore, the amount which needs to spend is based on industry and the keywords on which they bid. Each search by a user is accompanied by a process followed by the search engine to determine which Ads will be placed on that page and their ranking.


Google AdWords no longer allows for the display URL to deviate from that of the destination URL. Google loosened the limits on the Ads of hard liquor in 2010. Advertisers are restricted from using other companies’ trademarks in their advertisement text if the brand has been registered with Advertising Legal Support team. There are restrictions on the use of keywords related to hacking as well.

Some of the benefits involve with AdWords are mentioned below-

  • Advertise directly to potential customers
  • Targeted advertising
  • Measurable ROI
  • Reaching the right people in less time
  • Brand exposure

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The benefits of studying SEM techniques in Delhi.

11184074 - smiling young student posing in a classroom

11184074 – smiling young student posing in a classroom

Most of the students looking to get PPC training in Delhi have a rough idea about working of Pay Per Click. It involves promoting the brand’s presence through paid advertising on the search engines. A search engine marketing course consists of studying about PPC, Google AdWords, building, paid advertising campaigns and optimising.

Students get to learn by working on live projects and gain hands-on experience. The following are the benefits of SEM training in Delhi

  • Introduction to SEM and concepts
  • Learn about Search and Display Campaigns
  • Keyword bidding, managing campaign performance
  • Work with Google Ad Scheduling, Ad Delivery
  • Learn about Conversion Tracking, Code Tracking

Who should enrol?

The training is designed for professionals belonging to marketing, media and advertising. However, project managers, PPC and SEM professionals can also enrol in the course to sharpen their skills.

What are the prerequisites for the course?

There are no prerequisites for this course, and anyone can enrol in SEM training to become a digital marketing expert.


The course gives a brief introduction about Google AdWords, Inorganic search results, PPC and keyword bidding. The students also learn about account setup in Google AdWords, the structure of AdWords account and advertising campaign types like Display and search advertising.

The benefits of SEM to business owners are mentioned below-

  • It connects potential clients directly with the business and thus making it an effective method of online advertising.
  • A cost-effective way of marketing and budget is decided by the advertisers.
  • Most of the traffic on a website (approx. 80%) is through a search engine which shows the significance of SEM.
  • SEM also provides marketers with Web Analytics, thus enabling them to improve the measurable results of a website promotion campaign.

How an AdWords consultant helps a PPC campaign?


In the constant competition between business owners to establish their stronghold on the Internet, time is an asset. Therefore, business owners prefer those methods of marketing which are faster, and thus PPC services are preferred over SEO by some.

PPC experts are the professionals who have the technical expertise to handle a PPC campaign. They review the potential facet of your account, look for ways to improve the copy and landing page. It is advised that the task of setting up the Google AdWords account should only be done by professionals.

The following are some of the reasons why PPC expert services are taken-

  • They have prior experience of dealing with similar situations, and this experience proves handy.
  • The task of keyword research is difficult and time-consuming and to run a successful campaign, PPC experts perform research using third party tools.
  • Campaign tracking is the most crucial task of a PPC expert, and it requires data analysis which can only be done with technical skills and analytic skills.
  • The optimisation of the landing page and creating a good copy is utmost essential to make the campaign successful, and it gets done by an expert.

A professional who works to improve your PPC campaign is the AdWords consultant. They work to ensure that your AdWords campaign is in the right hands. These are the benefits of an AdWords consultant-

  • They decrease the monthly cost of the PPC campaign.
  • They reduce the CPC but increases the impressions.
  • They improve the click-through rate by optimising the click-through rate.

By hiring an AdWords consultant, the business owners can be ensured that their PPC campaign is in the right hands. By using the techniques like Geo-targeting, keyword research and text ad optimisation, they take the PPC to new heights.

Ratan Jha is an AdWords expert based in Delhi. He is a Google certified professional. Visit to know more.

How Can a PPC Expert Increase ROI for Your Business?


Pay Per Click is one of the most popular forms of advertising. The model is widely used by companies to get qualified leads and traffic from online sources. The Google AdWords, Bings, Facebook Ads, and Twitter Ads are the most popular ones in use today.

The PPC advertising can be used to drive traffic from the internet living anywhere in the world. The marketing strategy is efficient and helpful to increase Return on Investment (ROI) for businesses. The strategy is used for different purposes – for traffic, branding, and generate more sales for companies. The paid advertising enables advertisers to get end goal with proper customisation of the ads.

PPC expert is the right person to offer the task of managing the ad campaign. It requires technical knowledge and understanding of ad campaigns to be successful. PPC advertising enables companies to earn clicks of potential customers with money on each click. Irrelevant clicks in the ads will nudge your allocated budget without getting potential customers.

An expert will bring the optimum number of potential customers with the minimum budget. The cost per click is significantly reduced ranking at the top of the search result. Constant optimisation and refining to generate the desired effect of the advertising based on the insight of Analytics. It enables to target the potential customers based on location, age, preference, and other factors. Optimising the campaign helps in reaching to potential customers and increase ROI of your business.

Many business owners prefer managing PPC campaign themselves instead of outsourcing to experts. However, it is advisable not to venture into advertising hastily without knowing the management properly. It requires experience and expertise in PPC advertising to achieve success. That is why one should hire an AdWords consultant to get guidance and help in the management of the campaign. The experts will provide the right help from keywords selection to optimisation of landing page. Tips will be given to generate more leads and ROI in the advertising.

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